The Muslim Brotherhood is pushing a new “pussy spread” strategy

The Islamic State (IS) has been using the Internet to spread propaganda for the last decade.It’s also using social media platforms to disseminate propaganda.The latest is a new tactic that is being used by a newly formed “porn” group called the Muslim Brotherhood.The group is using the online space to spread its message of violence […]

How do you get more of a spread in your bank account?

Here’s how you can use the spread calculator to estimate how much you can earn in your credit card, debit card, or other prepaid account.If you’re not familiar with how spread calculations work, here’s a quick rundown: A spread is a percentage of a transaction, but the total amount of money you make from a […]

How to use a spread sheet to spread your dreams

Spreadsheets are an amazing tool for spreading your wings and growing your business.Whether you’re starting out or you’re looking to scale your business, they can help you with your goals.Here are some tips on how to use spreadsheets to make sure you can reach your full potential.1.Use a spreadsheet to track your finances When you […]

Why do people think they can eat all of the foods in a gluten-free diet?

An Australian blogger has created a YouTube video explaining how you can make a gluten free spread for your favourite pasta dish or snack.In the video, Sarah Smith, a student at the University of New South Wales, explains how she can make an “all-purpose” spread.“All I want is pasta, so I’m looking for all sorts […]

What you need to know about the spread of the coronavirus and other health threats

Health care workers in Australia are reporting a rise in cases of coronaviruses linked to the coronavex virus.Health and Medical Services Minister Peter Dutton said on Wednesday that there had been a 10 per cent increase in coronaviral infections linked to coronavar and other coronavirotic infections since the beginning of the year.“We’ve had a surge […]

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