Which tarot card to use in the cyber spread eagle pussy?

Posted February 14, 2019 16:01:40 Tarot spreads have been a staple of the tarot deck since ancient times.Now, the spread eagle is a staple in the game, as it’s a symbol of the future and can be used to create an image of the collective.Tarot spreads are not just limited to a single deck.You can […]

Fox & Trump: GOP is more than just ‘the party of Trump’

A new poll shows Republicans are far more comfortable with the way Donald Trump is handling the presidency.The survey by the conservative polling group, Public Policy Polling, found that 57% of Americans approve of the way Trump is running the country.Just 34% disapprove.The same poll showed a plurality of Republicans, 46%, said they’d prefer Trump […]

Pussy Spreads Explained, Killing Stocks by the Pound

Pussy spreads are becoming increasingly popular.They are so popular that they have been given a name and are being referred to as the spread betting method.Spread betting has become popular in recent years due to the fact that they are easy to make and have a low fat content.You can use any number of spreads […]

How to Spread Your Pussy to Get Big Cock in Her Arms

“We’re here to show you how to spread your legs and spread your pussy.”This is how the ladies at Vixen (that’s what they call their orgies) perform their lesbian porn, and it’s all very sexy.I’m not sure why this video didn’t make the front page of Pornhub, but they probably have a lot more fun […]

Which countries are trending the most on Reddit?

With a new year looming, Reddit is once again reigniting the debate over the influence of social media in the news and culture world.And for the first time, there’s a new leader in the fight against fake news, with a new group of activists, journalists and bloggers taking on the media’s new enemy: Reddit.“Reddit has […]

More owls are flying across the country to spread wings, spread mazdas

A group of owls is spreading wings across the United States and Canada as part of a new campaign.The mazadas have been in existence since 2013.They are spreading wings and are a good example of how birds can be a tool in a social organization.The owls have been flying out of the forests in the […]

The Muslim Brotherhood is pushing a new “pussy spread” strategy

The Islamic State (IS) has been using the Internet to spread propaganda for the last decade.It’s also using social media platforms to disseminate propaganda.The latest is a new tactic that is being used by a newly formed “porn” group called the Muslim Brotherhood.The group is using the online space to spread its message of violence […]

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