The future of synonyms

With the advent of search engines, it’s possible to search for a word or phrase in a different language.This makes it possible to use words, phrases, and other phrases as synonyms.Synonyms are used to express the same concept or meaning across different contexts, and they can help you to understand the meaning of words or […]

When your sandwich spread spreads

A sandwich spread that can be spread on a sandwich, bread, or a roll has been found to be highly effective against the spread of syphilis in dogs, according to new research.The research found that the spread was 95 per cent effective against syphilis and 92 per cent efficient against gonorrhoea.Read more The research was […]

Poll: Almost half of U.S. adults say they’d be concerned about bee health if pollinators were wiped out

The poll numbers for pollinators are getting a lot worse in the U.K. as beekeepers struggle to deal with the loss of bees from the honeybee population.The poll numbers released by the National Pollinator Health Survey (NPHS) this week show that more than half of Americans say they’re worried about beekeepers losing bees from their […]

When ‘hellmann’s’ spread made headlines, we knew we’d love it

A burger chain called Hellmann’s has been making headlines lately for what it claims is its signature product, a “sandwich spread” made with chicken, turkey, and cheese.But it turns out the product isn’t really that new.Hellmann Spices is just the latest chain to get in on the fast food-mad trend.The sandwich spread has been around […]

Crikey, this is how the #BBW spread spreads are made!

It’s a simple formula for butter spread: butter, sugar, milk, egg yolk, egg whites.It’s also a fairly simple process that you can see from the picture below.The butter mixture is whisked into the egg yolks and milk mixture until smooth.Then the egg whites are whisked to bring them to the consistency of a paste, then […]

When did spreadsheets become the new hotness?

A new study by researchers at the University of Queensland suggests spreadsheets are becoming more prevalent, with a particular focus on the spread of Ebola, the most common cause of coronavirus disease.They report in the journal Science Advances that spreadsheets, which can be used for many tasks, have been used to track people’s movements and […]

‘Covid-19 pandemic could affect people of color’

The latest news and analysis from IGN’s GamesBeat Podcast, hosted by IGN’s Ben Kuchera. The latest episode of IGN’s GameBeat Podcast features IGN’s Chris Tilly and Ben Kuchar discussing the next big story in gaming, Covids-19. For the latest news, rumors, and previews, follow us on Twitter at @IGNgames, like us on Facebook at, subscribe on YouTube […]

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