How to make fig spread with no cooking at all

We’re all guilty of eating figs at some point or another.

Some people like them raw, some like them fried, and some like to eat them with their hands.

But how do you make figs without the risk of them turning into a burnt product?

That’s what I’m here to tell you.

If you’re ever tempted to put figs into your mouth, don’t.

This recipe makes a great spread for salads, dips, sandwiches, pancakes, or other things where you’d like to make a nice bite of delicious food without the need to use a cooking utensil.

This is how to make them without a kitchen, so you can go out and get some figs, without having to make yourself a plate.

The key to this recipe is to get the figs completely raw.

Figs need to be peeled, so the easiest way to do this is to simply cut the ends off the fig and discard them, leaving only the seeds.

Next, place the fig seeds into a blender and process until they become a thick, creamy consistency.

When you’re ready to use them, just throw them into your salad or spread over some bread.

I like to keep them in the fridge for at least two days to make sure they won’t become mushy.

I used a little bit of extra virgin olive oil for this recipe.

You can substitute regular olive oil with any oil you like, but I prefer the extra virgin stuff because it has a nice oil flavor.

While the raw version of this recipe doesn’t require cooking, it does require some cooking to get it to the right temperature.

You can cook this without any cooking in this recipe, but you can cook it in a pot of water to bring it up to the proper temp.

This recipe can be made with just one pot, but if you’re going to make this, I recommend using two pots to make it a little more portable.

Recipe from Martha Stewart, New York City.

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