Spread a little cheese spread

Spread a Little Cheese Spread (http://www.buzzfeed.com/yogchop/spread-a-little-cheese-spread-toy-with-sugar-cane-and-peanut-butter-to-make-your-favorite-treats) is a sweet, tangy candy spread.

It is also an easy and delicious dessert to make.

You can even whip it up ahead of time to enjoy in the car.

You can add sugar cane syrup or sugar syrup to the spread and sweeten it up a bit, too.

If you like your spread sweet, add some cinnamon and cloves to it.

You could also add chocolate chips or dark chocolate chips, too, to add some crunch and a little bit of flavor.

Spread a whole spread in the palm of your hand and dip it in chocolate chips.

It will look like this:You can also add nuts, berries, or dried fruit to the candy spread, too (you could use dried apricots or strawberries for a fruit candy spread), too.

Serve it with a spoon or spoonful of whipped cream and it’s ready to go.

This spread is one of my favorites. 

To make this spread, you need:1/2 cup milk (about 2 cups)1 cup dark chocolate, chopped1 cup fresh pineapple chunks1/4 cup maple syrup1/3 cup agave nectar1/8 teaspoon cinnamon (or to taste)1/16 teaspoon nutmeg1 teaspoon sea salt (or more to taste1/6 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper1/12 teaspoon baking powder1/1 teaspoon vanilla extract (or use one of these flavors)1 large egg, beaten1 cup sugar (you can use any sweetener you like)1 teaspoon cocoa powder, or to taste (you’ll need to use this recipe)1.

Melt chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl or in a large bowl over medium heat. 


Stir together all of the ingredients, then pour into a large spoon or bowl. 


Pour into a dish, spread the spread, and enjoy.

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