NBA player who went viral for using crack to crack a basketball

Posted March 26, 2018 05:17:37NBA players have a unique opportunity to share their personal experiences and insights with the public.

But how can they share this with the world?

The New York Knicks point guard Aaron Gordon and Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kendrick Perkins have teamed up to create a video series called “Crack It” which is designed to give the public a deeper understanding of how to crack open the NBA’s most popular toy.

The project has been produced by The Next Word, a nonprofit that provides innovative educational content that encourages learning through the power of the Internet.

“It’s a little bit like a personal story, in that it’s just me telling it to the world,” Gordon said.

“And I wanted people to know how to do it.

I wanted to help people out, and this is the best way to do that.

And then also, the fun part is the challenge.

I don’t know how many other people have done it.”

The videos were created as part of the “Crash The Crackers” contest, in which players can share their experiences in a series of games.

Gordon and Perkins were both featured in the first game, in April, and were both able to crack the NBA toy in a record time of just under eight minutes.

The two-minute, 10-second video was posted on YouTube on March 25.

Gordon was the winner of the first round of the contest.

“I was kind of worried that I was going to fail,” Gordon admitted.

“Because I had a good time doing it, and I knew that it was going be fun to do.”

Perkins was able to complete the second round of “Crak It,” which involved a series where he was able “crack” a basketball with his tongue.

“That was kind, I don, think, that fun part,” Perkins said.

In addition to sharing his experience, the two players hope to inspire other players to take their shot.

“You’ve got a chance to get something out of it,” Perkins added.

“When you crack a ball, you have to crack it open to see what it is.

So, you just need to crack and try and find out what’s inside.

That’s the best part.

So if people have a chance, if they can crack a crack, that’s something.”

The video series is expected to run for three to five weeks.

Gordon plans to be the first player to crack an NBA basketball in the series, as well as the first to crack crack the new “Cracker Ball” toy that will debut in February 2019.

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