What’s new in 2016 for iPhone and iPad?

Apple is rolling out new iPhone models and iPads in the US, Europe and Japan, and the company has announced a new polyphonics system called Polyphonic Strain, which will be available starting this summer.

As we mentioned in our Polyphonics 101 guide , the new iPhone and iPads are a hybrid between Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPad mini, which use the same processor, display and battery.

The company also announced a number of new iPhone features, like Face ID, which allows users to authenticate their phone through an iPhone’s camera or fingerprint sensor.

The new iPhones and iPads also use the new dual-camera setup that’s seen in the iPhone 5 and iPad 5S, and Apple is adding new features to the new iPads as well.

These include a larger 3,600×2,160 OLED display and a smaller 5,000×2 in-cell display.

In addition, the new iPad will support the company’s upcoming Continuity and Continuity HD technologies, which can use both cameras and the larger OLED display to provide better coverage of a scene and make it easier to focus on one person in the foreground.

Apple also announced new features for its iPad mini 3 and iPad 4.

These tablets will use the larger 4.7-inch display in a thinner 5.5-inch form factor, but will have an improved camera.

They’ll also come with the new Siri Remote, which lets users speak to the device without the need for a physical keyboard or touch screen.

The iOS 10.2 update also brings the company a bunch of new iPad apps, including a new version of its GarageBand music player and iPad app GarageBand.

It also brings a bunch more of the company, including an iPad app called Apple TV and Apple Pay.

In addition, Apple has introduced several new accessories for the iPad mini.

The latest addition is the new Apple Watch, which is available starting in July.

It will allow users to track their sleep, exercise, music, workout and more.

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