How to create your own calendar spread option in your WordPress dashboard

By now, you’ve probably noticed that WordPress’ built-in calendar widget can be used as a handy way to keep track of the weather.

With the default layout, it’s an easy to miss option, but a few tweaks can make it even more useful.

If you have a calendar app, like Apple’s Calendar, you can use the built-ins calendar widget to set up an event, like when a friend is scheduled to arrive.

If not, you could create a calendar widget in the sidebar to display the event at a later date.

With WordPress, you don’t have to do much.

All you need to do is add a few options to your calendar layout and your custom widget will automatically take care of the rest.

Here’s how to set one up for yourself.


Open your WordPress theme’s admin panel.

Go to Appearance > Appearance settings and make sure your custom widgets show up. 2.

Add a new custom widget for your calendar: Add the following settings to your custom calendar widget: name : “Custom Calendar Widgets” theme : “WordPress Theme” width : “200px” height : “100px” category : “custom” theme_color : “#fff” theme: “Custom Theme” theme.background : “dark” theme color : “black” theme width : 0 theme_height : 0 This will create a new widget for each event in your calendar.

When you create a custom widget, WordPress assigns the name to the theme you choose.

You can even change the theme color and the background color for a widget.

You should only add the following custom options to the widget: theme_background : #000 theme_title : “My custom widget” theme-color : “#fff” If you want a custom header for each widget, use the theme name.

If a custom category is required, add it to the settings for each custom widget.

theme_colors : “red” theme colors : “green” theme .background_color_foreground : #fff theme .custom_header_color: #000 Theme.background_width : 0 Theme.theme_title_color.foreground_color(color) Theme.custom_headers_width: 0 Theme .theme_background_position: “center” theme background_position : “center_center” Theme.header_background: #fff Theme.footer_background.background: “#fff Theme-color-foreground: #cccccc Theme-background-position: center Theme-title_background-color: white Theme-header-background: red Theme-footer-background.forecolor: “#00ff00” Theme-border_color-bg: #eee Theme-margin-top: 0.5 Theme-padding-top : 1 Theme-width-bottom: 1 Theme.border_top: “0px” Theme_margin-left: 0 #000 -0.5 #000 0.2 Theme_padding-left : 1 #000 #000 .1 Theme_background .border_bottom: “solid” Theme .background: “none” Theme background color: “black-red” Theme font: “Arial” Theme width: “100%” Theme height: “300px” theme title: “My Custom Theme” title_background = “My theme” theme header_background theme_width width theme height theme border_color border_bottom style theme font: size(100%,100%,300%) theme color: “#ff00ff” theme padding: 0 theme padding-left theme padding_right theme padding border_top style style background_color background_size background_repeat background_type background_text_color theme background: none theme title text: “Your custom widget!” title_title = “Your Custom Theme!” title theme width: 0 title height: 0 width: 300 theme background color background: “#eee” title border_border: “1px solid” border_size border_left border_right border_center border_thickness border_width border_style border_position border_type border_padding border_spacing border_text border_background color: #ff00f0 border_margin: .25 border_height: 1 border_start_position top border_end_position bottom border_show_border_border border_visibility border_overflow border_capability border_display border_stroke border_transparent border_visible border_y solid border_x solid border: “white” border: padding: .1 border: border_box: padding border: height: 1.25 border: width: 1border: border: background: “gray” border-color border-bottom-color background: #e4e4c8 border-height: 10 border-width: 100 border-position border-top border-right border-left border-show_

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