Aussie’s favourite band of all time dies at 90

AUSTRALIA’s greatest-band has died, aged 90, after a long illness.

Key points:Crown Prince George died on Tuesday of pancreatic cancerThe band was born in the 1960s and played in the popular West End venues of London and Sydney.

Prince William, Duke of Edinburgh, was the band’s leader and managerThe band broke up in 1984, but the band played regularly in Australia for decades, playing for decades in the city of Newcastle and Melbourne.

Prince George died peacefully on Tuesday after suffering a severe illness for the last four years.

A family spokesman said the cause of death was “unknown”.

“He passed away peacefully at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, surrounded by his family and friends,” he said.

The band’s most popular song was “A Day in the Life”.

The group broke up following a bitter split in the 1980s, when the pair clashed with a group of local musicians called The Red Devils.

The Red Devils had formed in 1968 to protest against the police shooting of black teenagers in the streets of Melbourne’s inner west, sparking a string of confrontations between the band and the police.

The group’s first album was released in 1975, before the band split in 1982, with Prince William and a string to follow.

The pair returned to Melbourne to work with local bands in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and continued to play regularly for the next decade.

The singer was known for his raspy voice, as well as for his role as the voice of the “Prince of Orange”.

“I’ve played in pubs in Australia, in the street, on stage and on stage again.

I’ve played all over the world,” he told Sky News in 2005.”

I’m the prince of orange.”

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