“Catch me if you can”: New York City’s ‘No Fly Zone’ becomes ‘No Parking Zone’

NYC’s No Fly Zone, which allows those who fly in to avoid being fined if they park their cars in public spaces, has now been extended to include the entire city.

The city’s Department of Consumer Affairs announced Tuesday that it will extend the No Fly zone to include “anywhere within or adjacent to a shopping center or an enclosed area.”

No longer will a person have to be in the area to be considered a No Fly Zones resident, and those who do not have a valid ID card will not be able to be fined for parking in an area that is within the No-Fly Zone.

The department says the NoFly Zone was created in order to combat the spread of the Zika virus, and that it was initially intended to last two weeks.

A similar zone was originally created for those who were caught with drugs in their luggage, but it was later extended to cover the entire globe.

“We have made it possible for people to stay home and stay safe,” NYCDCA Commissioner of Consumer Protection, Michael Bitzer, told reporters on Tuesday.

“We don’t want people to be caught in the No Flights Zone and to be worried about going to work or school, so that’s why we are doing this.

We have made a lot of changes in the city, but this one is the largest.”

The expansion was first reported by The New York Times on Tuesday, and was met with a strong backlash from New Yorkers.

A spokesperson for the New York Taxi Workers Union told the Times that it would “vigorously oppose” any extension of the No Flying Zone, and has since asked for the city to cancel the expansion and “rename the NoFights Zone to No Parking Zone.”

A similar No Flyzone was also originally created in Los Angeles to catch those who flew out of the city with no ID cards.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has called for extending the NoFlying Zone until it is safe to travel again, but said he was not planning to do so.

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