Why do some adults and babies have a ringworm infection?

By now you’ve probably heard about the “ringworm epidemic”, and the public health emergency that has gripped the country.It’s a serious disease, affecting an estimated 1.3 million people in the UK.Its symptoms include a fever, runny nose, cough, chills and a runny throat, and are believed to be caused by an enterovirus (EV) that was […]

A $1.2 trillion ‘fiscal cliff’ may not be looming, but it could be here soon

More than a year before President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans reach a deal to avert a “fiscal crisis” in the U.S., the economy could be coming apart in an “existential crisis,” according to a report by the Congressional Budget Office.“This fiscal cliff is coming,” wrote Ryan Lizza, the budget director of the nonpartisan Congressional […]

What’s new in 2016 for iPhone and iPad?

Apple is rolling out new iPhone models and iPads in the US, Europe and Japan, and the company has announced a new polyphonics system called Polyphonic Strain, which will be available starting this summer.As we mentioned in our Polyphonics 101 guide , the new iPhone and iPads are a hybrid between Apple’s iPhone 5s and […]

How to spread knowledge about Donald Trump: 1) Follow the advice of the experts, 2) don’t do anything crazy, and 3) get the most out of your followers

The world’s biggest social network is slowly changing its rules to make its community more inclusive and transparent.Nowadays, the most influential posts appear first on the homepage, before they go to the top of the site, according to Axios.But as we saw during the presidential election, sometimes the people in power are the ones who […]

How to create your own calendar spread option in your WordPress dashboard

By now, you’ve probably noticed that WordPress’ built-in calendar widget can be used as a handy way to keep track of the weather.With the default layout, it’s an easy to miss option, but a few tweaks can make it even more useful.If you have a calendar app, like Apple’s Calendar, you can use the built-ins […]

Spreading eagle means ‘love spread’, but don’t expect a big payout for the scammer

Spreading Eagle is a term used to describe a scam in which a scammer posts on a social media website a fake email that they claim contains information about the victim.The scammer then asks the victim to open the email and download the malicious file.The file contains malware that infects computers, usually by tricking users […]

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