How the new Obama drone system could save American lives

Drone technology is poised to make a comeback as the U.S. government works to prevent attacks by terrorists using drones.The National Counterterrorism Center’s annual report, which was released Monday, found the threat of terrorist attacks has dropped significantly over the last five years.While the number of terrorist incidents remains high, they are on the decline […]

New York Jets GM says he was ‘very surprised’ when he learned he’d be fired

NEW YORK — New York’s Joe Philbin, who has been the Jets’ general manager since 2008, told reporters Wednesday that he was “very surprised” when he was told he’d leave the organization.The Jets have made no public comment on Philbin’s firing.But his agent, Dan Ratner, issued a statement to The Associated Press saying he was […]

When do you get a blowjob?

When do I get a boner?A blowjob is something that’s always been associated with older men, but that can be quite a new phenomenon for a lot of people.For women, a blow job is a pretty common thing, but for some people it’s quite a taboo.And there are a lot more reasons than just the […]

How to spread love and spread Islam in Canada

A Canadian mosque in Mississauga is offering a chocolate spread to help ease the tension after an explosion last week left three people dead.A statement posted to Facebook by the mosque says the spread was distributed to residents of the city in response to the explosion in Mississaugas mosque.The Islamic Society of Canada said in […]

How to prevent spread of cow-killing rampage in Cleveland

On July 6, 2018, a man opened fire on a crowd of people at a birthday party at a local pizzeria, killing four and injuring 21 others.Authorities said he was motivated by the death of his mother.Now, a new study by researchers at the University of California at San Diego and the Cleveland Clinic suggests […]

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