Why do some people just hate shopping?

People seem to hate shopping.

You’d be surprised how many people have a bad relationship with shopping.

“The worst thing that happens when you spend money on shopping is that you get into debt,” says David Mearns, author of Shopping: The Secret to Success.

So how can you avoid the negativity and get the money back?

Here are the top 5 ways.


Do it all the time, every day.

“If you spend a lot of money, you’ll be less likely to spend it on something that you like,” says Mearls.

It can be tempting to think shopping is just for fun and leisure.

But the reality is, the majority of people shop on a daily basis.

For example, a recent study by Ipsos MORI found that more than two-thirds of shoppers buy food and drinks at least once a week, compared to just 15 per cent of those who do not.


Get involved in community activities.

“Most of us spend time in our own communities, so when we go shopping, we feel more connected and more connected to other shoppers,” says Matt Smith, who heads up the online shopping consultancy StoreTek.

“That can mean doing something in the community that you love.”


Get more creative.

“I think a lot people do shop for the same thing all the day, but then they go home and look at themselves in the mirror,” says Smith.


Buy less.

“The more you spend, the less you can save,” says James Moulton, founder of the website Money Saving Club.

“So don’t spend more than you can afford.

That’s a good rule of thumb.”


Avoid impulse purchases.

“One of the things we found was that people tend to shop when they feel like they’re really hungry or when they’re feeling really stressed or anxious,” says Chris Hough, chief executive of the consumer affairs charity Avon.

These shopping habits are the most common reasons people shop and can help prevent a bad shopping trip.

The advice: 1.

Shop in stores.

“Shop at the store and not online,” says Mr Smith.

“People feel more comfortable going to a store.

You can go online or go to the store, and then when you go to a shopping mall, you can get away with less.”

2, Buy a small amount.

“Buy one or two items a day.

Spend a small sum on one item, say a small watch,” says Hough.

“Or a small bag of chips.

That is one thing that can really reduce stress.”

3, Shop at a store with a friend.

“It’s not just the people you’re shopping with that are more likely to shop there, but the people that you can talk to,” says Adam Hough of the Consumer Affairs charity.

“You can talk about shopping with other people, or you can sit with them, and that can reduce the stress.”

4, Be spontaneous.

“Try to get in the mood,” says Rob Smith of the Avon shopping consultancy.

“Some people like to get a little creative.

For example, they like to do something fun with their hair or make their nails a little more colourful.”

“It’s the people who get it together and do the shopping together that actually create that sense of joy,” says Ms Smith.

“The people who are not able to do that, that is when things can get really bad.”


Shop when you’re feeling down.

“Don’t shop when you feel down,” says Dr Moulson.

Dr Moulon says people shop when there are lots of things to do, because they feel as though they’re not in control of their lives.

However, he adds that people are likely to be more satisfied when they shop when things are going well.

A shopping trip can also be an opportunity to get away from the stresses of a busy work day, such as when people are out on holiday, for example.

If you’re struggling with shopping and can’t see any of these tips, talk to your GP or seek professional help.

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