Which is the best way to spread a spread?

Spreaders are a common way to make cheese spreads but a new technique is making cheese spreads far more flavorful and healthier.

A team of researchers has developed a new cheese spread that is made from the spread of a peppermint and garlic butter spread and contains only 100 calories, less than half the calories of the regular cheese spread.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have created the Peppermint PepperSpread, which is made with a blend of the peppermint peppermint oil and garlic cloves.

The peppermint peppers are grown in California.

The peppermint oils in the peppermints are naturally occurring and they are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, said researcher Dr. Dwayne Karp.

He is the lead author on the study.

The researchers tested the PepperSpread on mice and found that it had the same flavor and health benefits as regular cheese spreads.

The team also found that the PepperMint PepperSpread was much healthier and less likely to cause food poisoning and diarrhea than the standard peppermint butter spread.

It was also found to contain a much larger amount of healthy fats and fiber compared to the regular butter spread, and to be more effective than regular cheese sauce in improving blood sugar levels.

The new PepperSpread uses the peppermines oil to make the spread, not the garlic cloves oil.

It is not only healthier, but the pepper is added to make it taste better, the team said.

The study, published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, shows that using peppermint or garlic butter oil instead of regular butter is the safest way to use peppermint in a cheese spread, said Karp, who is a professor of food science and engineering.

The research team also hopes to develop the Peppermint PepperShare, which will be made with peppermint seeds.

The PepperSpread can be made by blending two varieties of peppermint, such as the sweet peppermint version and the savory peppermint variety.

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