The best way to treat your sandwich spread is to put it in your mouth

A good sandwich spread can help keep your sandwich from spreading, but it can also spread your warts if you use too much. 

Sandwiches are made with many different ingredients, and most people will only have a few choices to choose from, so when choosing what to put in your sandwich, it’s important to remember to think about what you want to get out of it. 

To make sure you get the best spread possible, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite sandwich spread recipes to help you out. 


Arugula sandwich spreadThis is one of the easiest sandwiches you’ll ever make. 

It’s creamy, filling, and delicious. 

You could also use this sandwich spread in place of a sandwich, as the filling helps it hold together. 

This is an easy sandwich spread to make and will keep for days, but be sure to keep an eye out for the warts. 


French roll spreadThis French roll spreads great, as well as having a light, chewy texture. 

However, the best thing about this sandwich is that it has a great amount of nutrients to it, making it a great choice if you’re trying to boost your protein intake. 


Bacon and avocado sandwich spread If you’re a bacon lover, you’ll love this sandwich. 

The bacon and avocado spread is the best way you can get your bacon to spread out evenly and be moist, and it’s also the best source of fiber and antioxidants. 


Avocado and pita bread spreadIf you love pita, you will love this spread. 

I’m a big fan of this spread because it’s a great alternative to pita or even whole wheat bread. 


Peanut butter sandwich spreadIf peanut butter is your thing, then you’ll probably be happy with this sandwich spreading recipe. 

If peanut spreads are your thing as well, then this sandwich recipe will definitely help you get some of the nutrients and fiber you need from peanut butter. 


French fries spreadIf French fries are your favorite sandwich, then try this French fry spread.

It’s rich in fat, which makes it a healthy option to go with a burger, fries, or french fries. 


Bacon & cheese sandwich spreadYou can go with any flavor of bacon to this spread, but if you want a little more crunch, try this Bacon & Cheese sandwich spread.

This is a great spread to use if you need a little kick of protein. 


Fries & chips sandwich spreadFries & Chips is a perfect sandwich spread for people looking to get protein from their fries.

The fries & chips spread is rich in fiber and can help you stay lean and keep your waistline in check. 


Avo sandwiches spreadYou may have noticed Avo’s spread is more of a breakfast spread than a sandwich spread, and that’s because Avo makes their sandwiches with whole wheat flour, which is one reason why you should try their Avo Sandwich Spread. 


Chipotle sandwich spreadThere are a lot of great chips to choose with this spread! 

If your favorite brand of chips are your staple, then chipotle is a solid choice. 


Peanuts spreadPeanuts is one the best spreads for adding protein and fats to your sandwich.

This peanut spread is a bit more healthy than most spreads, so it can be a good choice if that’s what you’re looking for. 


Bolognese spreadIf bologneses are your favourite sandwich, this spread is perfect for them. 

For a Bologna, you can go for a creamy sauce with a hint of tomato, or go with their creamy sauce for a more savory bite. 


Sesame seed spread Sesame seeds are a great source of protein, so they’re a great way to add protein to a sandwich.

It has a light texture and is filling enough to keep for a long time. 


Chipotles sandwich spreadWhile the chipotle spread can be made with other types of nuts, you should be aware that it is usually best to go for the chipotles because they are a source of potassium. 


Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich spreadsIf bacon is your jam, then the egg sandwich spread is great for adding that bacon flavor to your sandwiches. 


Chicken & waffles spreadIf chicken is your bacon, then these chicken & waffle spreads will be the perfect choice for you. 


Avocados spreadIf avocado is your favorite spread, then avocado & wafers is an excellent choice.

This avocado &wafers spread has a chewy, delicious texture, which will help keep it from spreading. 


Cheesy spread Cheesy spreads are great for filling out a sandwich or adding some extra flavor to a recipe.

This Cheesy Sandwich Spread is a very

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